Week 6 Blog 6

This is my sixth week at Empowered this week we had one guest speaker come talk to us about her business that she is making hearing aids with tech. that connects with the brain. We talked about college and cost also a lot about loans and make sure if your really ready to take them out because it will end up changing up with you soon and you might regret it later on because when you move on in life and have a good job with bills that you have to pay and taxes the loans come out your check and you have to pay them off. This week is getting closer to the end because next week is our last week at Empowered. The whole team has worked more on there websites for the small business we also mad 3D prints that represented there business which was fun to do but now this week is coming to a end slowly but surely.

Week 5 Blog 5

This is my fifth week at Empowered week had a guess speaker from the bomb squad come talk to us about his job and life being on the bomb squad. he showed us his robots which is what they use for bombs to be destroyed so they actually don’t have to hurt if you think about it.  He told us what they would have to do if there machine breaks or is not working the correct way they take is all the way Tennessee to get it fixed.

Week 4 Blog 4

This is my forth week at empowered this week we had two guest speakers and they were incredible we got to ask a lot of questions getting to know what they do how there journey took for them to get here. Got to ask about more steps into the business world, were also still finishing our websites and blogs helping each other code and as questions if we don’t understand something.

Week 3 Blog 3

This is my third week at Empowered we had a speaker this week from Uofl and we all got to ask a lot of questions about college and the best routes to take for you. We got food catered again this week from a taco place. We also been working a lot on tree house we all met with the business that we are making a website for and got there ideas and piece of mind and feel on what they would want for there website. .

Week 2 Blog 2

This is my second week at Empowered so far we have watched Ted Talk played games to get to know each other but  I didn’t get to  be there the whole following week because i graduated.

Week 1 Blog 1


This is my first week at Empowered we had food catered which is every Wednesday we also get to dress down in causal clothes on Thursday. We all been helping each other on Tree house.